Dear Parents,

The Interview Code was created to help students tap into their full potential, provide the “edge” in their interviewing and career planning skills, and build their confidence as they prepare to enter the job market. Interviewing to win, is what I teach, and in today’s economy, more than ever, your son/daughter needs to outshine his/her competitors in order to get the job offer. There is no room for error in the interviewing process.


You have invested a small fortune in your son’s/daughter’s education. Now comes one of the most crucial parts – getting the job offer. Your support in this last part of the process with a very modest investment in interviewing coaching for your college student can really make a huge difference on the type of job offer and salary level your soon-to-be college graduate receives.


Job Interview CoachingLast minute preparation with some research done online on resume writing and interviewing questions, along with maybe a two hour session on interviewing and career planning offered by the college career center, while all helpful steps, they will not cut it – it’s simply not good enough. In other words, in today’s fiercely competitive economy a college graduate needs to have an “edge” over their competition, and he or she needs to ace every interview with knowledge and confidence. The student who shines (and outshines others) on the interviews gets the job.


The skills and unique tips Brad Garrett teaches and practices with your son/daughter with the Interview Code coaching or the ‘Get the Job Offer’ 6 CD course will not only help get the desired job offer, but will also provide a strong skill base in interpersonal awareness and career management throughout their career. As a successful corporate executive who has recruited for years from the top universities and colleges in the nation, Brad knows exactly what a corporate recruiter is “thinking” during an interview, and as a coach, he reveals many secrets and valuable tips to help the college graduate develop a game plan, boost his or her confidence, and ultimately get the job offers. The bottom line strategy for the student sitting across the table during an interview is very simple, if he or she has the right interviewing coaching and training.


Interviewing Facts
In 2011 there will be 1,700,000 new bachelor degrees and 687,000 new graduate degrees granted in the U.S., according to projections by the National Center for Education Statistics. That’s a huge amount of competition for the most desired jobs.


Interviewing Facts
The unemployment rate for America’s 18 to 24 year old demographic is 18.6 percent, according to the most recent Labor Department estimates.



Interviewing Facts

According to a study by the Collegiate Employment Research Institute at Michigan University, while overall college hiring is expected to increase by about 3 percent in 2011, only 43 percent of employers who hired new graduates last year are certain they will hire new graduates in 2011. Meanwhile, of employers who didn’t hire new graduates last year, more than 76 percent said they were uncertain or definitely would not hire new graduates this year.

Interviewing Facts

Six months after graduation, approximately four out of ten college grads are still looking for full-time jobs.


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