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“What a strange power there is in clothing. ”

Isaac Bashevis Singer
American Author
Nobel Prize in Literature in 1978


Interview Business Clothes

Interviews are challenging enough without the added pressure caused by worrying about whether or not your clothes look the way they should. If you get this part right, then you can focus entirely on your interview dialogue and never be wondering if you look good.
Just like the interviewing preparation you must go through before any interview, your interview clothes should be a very important item on your preparation list, and should never, ever be left to the last minute. Plan ahead (the day before), know what to wear (set it all out, and try it on in front of a mirror), make sure every piece is pressed and clean, look your absolute best, and go into the interview ready to “win”.
Don’t know what to wear on your interviews? Click on the links below to get some general guidance. The bottom line here is, when in doubt about what to wear, lean on the more conservative side. It’s always safer to overdress than to show up inappropriately under-dressed for an interview. Proper business attire will ensure that you’ll look professional, and if the future work environment happens to be a bit more casual, you can always adjust to what’s acceptable after you start your new job. Just follow the dress code that you see around the office.

Interview Clothes

Interview Clothes


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What to Wear…